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Apple updates its word processor called Pages


Apple has launched an easier and cheaper way for students to obtain a word processor on their MacBooks. Along with many other different necessities and costs while preparing to go to college, students are faced with having to buy texts books, school supplies, and on many occasions a new laptop. A new laptop from Apple costs around $1200 and that is without any type of word processor loaded onto your Macbook.

When a student buys a new Macbook from Apple it comes with the basics. A new Macbook comes with pre-loaded applications such as Photo booth, iTunes, iPhoto and FaceTime.

However Apple did not provide a free word processor for students to use, causing students to have to pay for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Exel. To have be able to download these different Microsoft products it can cost between $139- $219. Students struggle to have the extra money to simply be able to download Microsoft Word onto their laptop.

Apple has made some improvements so that these students can have access to a word processor that is almost identical to Microsoft Word and free of charge already downloaded onto the students’ new MacBook.

Apple has reduced the cost of their very own word processor called Pages. Pages is compatible with Microsoft Word and any Mac or IOS device. Pages is free of charge to download and looks almost identical to Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

Anyone is able to download pages onto their MacBook at

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